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In 2015, the TimePanel team will launch Signal, a new tool to improve team collaboration and project execution.

Below is an overview of how Signal will help you.

For Freelancers, Consultancies, and Small Teams

Whether you're a designer or lead a team of developers, Signal™ is being built just for you. Simple team scheduling, focused priority lists, and a friendly interface that your clients will love are a few features that will improve your team's efficiency and project execution.

Insanely Fast

Signal™ is being designed with speed in mind. Fewer clicks, fewer page loads, and aggressive caching will contribute to one of the fastest apps you'll ever experience.

Signal™ will keep your projects moving without slowing you down.

Consolidated Team Collaboration

Eliminate tedious searches for emails, files, and lost conversations. Signal™ will become your single source of truth for your projects' files, communication, and decisions.

Single Point Of Focus

Forget having separate apps for to-dos, bugs, email conversations, etc. Signal™ provides focus on a single actionable list of priorities - everything else stays out of the way until prioritized.

More Signals, Less Noise

Communicate progress in clear signals, not vague updates. Task monitoring and activity feeds will point your team or clients to tangible progress in real time.